Within the Voyant Office Platform, you have control over certain features. The arrow by your name at the top will allow you to access Account Settings

PROFILE allows you to upload a photo, view your login details and even request a lost password link, set your time zone, toggle do not disturb, and view the devices attached.

Within APP SETTINGS you will see your caller-id information, set alerts for calls and messages, set up call forwarding, and manage your voicemail greetings.

You can have multiple greetings recorded and choose which one you would like to use at any time. You can record new greetings through this portal, as well.

CONFERENCE SETTINGS will let you manipulate some details about your conference room, such as requiring a PIN (call Locking the Room) and setting your PIN. You can see and copy the share link, and even pick the hold music you would like to play while guests are waiting for the conference to begin.

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