Voyant SIP Trunks can be configured to use 1 of 2 different types of "Rate Plans":

  1. CCS (Concurrent Call Sessions)
  2. PayGo (Pay as you Go)

You must make this selection when a trunk is CREATED. You can not modify the Rate Plan on an existing trunk.


The number of Concurrent Call Channels on a CCS trunk can be adjusted based on your needs. Each Channel includes a monthly cost. The default MRC for a channel is $12 / month. 

CCS trunks include FREE inbound, non-tollfree, calling as well as FREE local outbound calling. Non-local outbound and international calls are still billed based on our standard termination pricing.

Keep in mind that a CCS trunk is limited in the number of simultaneous calls that it can handle. For example: If a CCS Trunk configured with 5 Concurrent Call Sessions receives 6 calls, the 6th call will fail with a BUSY signal.


PayGo trunks are our standard trunks. Inbound and Outbound calls are billed at our standard per-minute rates.

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