What is a SIP Endpoint? 

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol that is used for establishing VoIP calls. A SIP Endpoint is a device or software client that is VoIP enabled and serves as the final destination of a voice call. This can be a software application such as X-Lite or Acrobits, or a physical device such as a PBX providing services to an office. It usually has a unique address, a SIP URI, similar in function as an email or a phone number.

A SIP Endpoint is added to a SIP Trunk that is already created.  For instructions on how to add a SIP Trunk, see this article.

How do I add a SIP Endpoint?

  1. Login to the Voyant Admin Portal at manage.voyant.com.
  2. In the left-hand navigation column, select SIP Trunking → Endpoints.
  3. In the SIP Endpoints screen, select the green ADD NEW ENDPOINT button.
  4. An ADD SIP ENDPOINT pop-up will appear.
  1. In the ADD SIP ENDPOINT pop-up that appears, enter a friendly name for the endpoint.
  2. Beneath the name of the endpoint, select either “IP Address” or “Registration”.
  3. IP Address: This option allows you to provide us with an IP Address, Port, and Transport protocol which we we use for authentication purposes.  Any traffic from this IP:Port combination will be authenticated as belonging to this account.
  4. Registration: This option allows you to create a unique username and password which your device can use to Register to your SIP Endpoint. Input your desired username. After the SIP Endpoint has been created a password will be generated for you.
  5. Click ADD ENDPOINT.
  6. Your new SIP Endpoint will appear in your list of available endpoints.

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