Voyant Trunking Service Overview

Voyant Trunking is a self-service SIP trunking product that allows businesses and partners to instantly create a SIP trunk, buy phone numbers, enable special features, and connect it to their platforms via public Internet with zero reliance from Voyant Sales or Service Delivery. It provides "Pay-as-You-Go pricing and instant service with flexible SIP trunks from the industry’s leading voice carrier.

What Does Voyant’s Trunking Service Include?

Top Level Features and Capabilities, such as: 

  1. On Demand Local and Toll Free Numbers
  2. Self-service Trunk Provisioning
  3. Inbound Local and Toll Free Voice Services
  4. Outbound Voice Services for Domestic and International Calling
  5. Pay-as-you-go pricing
  6. Apply Emergency Services to Phone numbers and place 911 calls
  7. International Toll Fraud Protection
  8. Unlimited Capacity
  9. Call Recording
  10. Web Portal and APIs
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